Brandbassador™ Branding

CLIENT: Brandbassador / NATION: Australia / YEAR: 2014

SCOPE OF WORKS: Concept, Logo, Visual identity, Packaging system

Sr. Designer: Tuan Duong (Mikhail Tuan)
Account Manager: Hong My

Brandbssador, a brand agency works with small, emerging and well-established business to build & deliver brand stories to customers

Brandbassador – Only with the name, she can bring her customers the impression of trustworthy and friendliness. Brandbssador is a freelance brand management agency. She has been working with small, emerging and well-established business. Not only the business consultant, but she also a friend of your work, who will take an all-consuming holistic approach to getting to know her customers and their business.

Brandbassador needed to design all her brand identity include Logo, Business name cards, Brochures, Posters, Guideline book, etc. And so happy, REIKA  team were the one who received her requirement for this project. The red color that we used to design her full service package shows her enthusiasm whenever her customers need her support. The “b” does not only stand for Brandbassador or Brand, but also stand for “Best”. That is what she aim to when she think about building this business. During worked with her, REIKA team were really touched and thankful because of her detailed instruction, clear brief and all done with tenderly patient. When all jobs were done, we know each other not only the work partners but also the friends who we understood the wishes of each other.